Flash in the dark. Dogs (Stanisław Janke)

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Flash in the dark.

On the Kashubian language prose of Stanisław Janke

Sad childhood. Rough life. Lack of love. It torments everyday life. Short moments of imagination life...

Such terms appear after the first reading of Stanisław Janke's debut epic forms.

It took many years for Janke to return as a Kashubian-speaking novelist... In 2015, 27 years after the first edition, Łiskawica was published again, and Psë was published 24 years later. A lot of things have changed in Kashubian literature at that time. In the changed socio-political conditions, Kashubianism can be expressed in various ways, without fear of censorship or administrative consequences. Contemporary reminiscences of such works as Łiskawica and Psë allow us to trace the process of growth of Kashubian literature, as well as to appreciate the writer's artistic efforts to create these works.

Łiskawica, in its feature and realistic layer, appears as a story about a Kashubian child, an orphan raised by his grandmother and then by his uncle in the 1960s. The protagonist of the novel - Marcin - experiences his loneliness, hard existence, and - most importantly - religious feelings, which instead of elevating and creating order, intensify his sense of loss and hopelessness,
Psë is a separate short story The story on a micro-scale thickens the experience of loneliness and impotence in the image of a village lost somewhere in the Kashubian emptiness. The world presented from the point of view of a ten-year-old boy looks unattractive, in dark colors, threatens with its alienation and incomprehensible rights of adults. Men and women are harsh, harsh and inaccessible to each other. Around them there are unfavorable conditions for living, no one can smile freely or selflessly shake hands. The boy's love for nature and naivety towards adults is put to the test when his favorite puppies become victims of a strange superstition.

That's the most visible layer: underneath are the next ones...

Daniel Kalinowski


Dane techniczne

Autor Stanisław Janke
ISBN 978-83-946397-8-5
Liczba stron 224
Język angielski
Oprawa miękka
Format 13 x 21,5 cm
Rok wydania 2020

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